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Avoid These Major SEO Mistakes in 2019

Having good SEO practices is key to making sure your website is visible so that traffic and conversion rates are increased. SEO shouldn’t be seen as something you have to do that’s an annoyance but something that could significantly improve your profits. Here’s how to avoid some common SEO mistakes in 2019.

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Over-using Keywords

If you’ve had to write copy for your website, then you will know just how important keywords are for improving SEO. Using effective keywords brings the right audience to a website, and optimising your use of keywords gets the attention of the search engines. However, overstuffing your content won’t help with SEO.

Keyword cramming means that the keyword is used over and over again in the copy. This sends a huge red flag to the search engines and the readers that your content is probably worthless. Trying to use keywords just to get people into your site means you don’t have anything of value for anyone. Instead of using keywords to improve SEO, over-use means you will have worthless website with no visitors and a bad Google ranking.

Buying Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for SEO, but it’s important that they are of a high quality. Purchasing dodgy links from sketchy websites won’t increase your traffic or page ranking. Google knows all. And they are very strict when it comes to links, so this means your site will end up suffering as a result of buying bad backlinks.

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