When your investment is going through a preliminary analysis, this means that holding a positive impact on the financial flows of the company. Now, the next estimate how much it is being tested on past investments, both within your company and across the industry as a whole and its risks and benefits are out of character with the risks and profits for the current investments.

These factors form the very areas in which the company plans to build a large part of its future value and a significant share of future profits. Therefore, it is essential that you selected investments were focused primarily on these areas, and not to shift towards factors not related to the company decisive.

Assessing the impact of specific investments on the company’s business is extremely important also because the cost of investing significantly varies depending the type of business, the position of the company as well as from the general characteristics of the business. What is acceptable for one or more of your competitors may not be of particular interest to you because of some of the macroeconomic situation, your market position, and the key factors that drive your business.
When the proposed investment was a preliminary assessment and a decision on its holding, the next and final stage today management to guarantee the expected revenue.

Rapid assessment investment should develop a set of indicators and learn to apply them in practice. Choose the right set of indicators is often a daunting task. Many managers understand how to control the significant time and budget, but no less valuable to monitor what is happening in practice, and how to change unique to the investment factors. Unfortunately, managers often measure progress in terms of time and budget, and not pay attention to what is actually done. Evaluating the investment on the basis of schedule, cost, and the work done, you can ensure that your company is in the end the expected results.

While working on an investment you will gain new knowledge and experience and you have a clearer idea of the likelihood of success or failure. Conditions of the business environment is changing, and therefore should be subject to change and the assumptions on which you initially repelled. In this connection it is necessary to adjust the course of further work, time and recourse.

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