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How to choose a voice solution for your business

There’s no denying that voice solution services are gaining momentum thanks to the many benefits they bring compared to traditional systems. Indeed, it’s estimated that by 2022, 7 million Brits will be using cloud communication services. If you want to reap the rewards of adopting a voice solution for your business, here are some ways to go about choosing one.

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Onsite or hosted solutions

One of the first things you’ll need to consider is whether you want to have your voice solution onsite or hosted by a service provider. There’s no right or wrong answer to this as much depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. Should you choose onsite systems, this means your phone system and its PBX hardware will be kept within your business. According to Business News Daily, on-premises systems can require a large capital expenditure because you’re purchasing the equipment up front. However, this puts you in control of your telecoms infrastructure.

If you decide to go for hosted solutions, these are based in the cloud and won’t require you to make any costly infrastructure investment. This system is also very flexible, allowing you to adapt services as you grow and update systems to ensure you’re getting the latest services.

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Think about your business needs now and in the future. If your business is likely to undergo change, such as growth, consider how voice solution services will impact this. Ideally, you’ll want services that are easily scalable without causing excessive … Read More


Avoid These Major SEO Mistakes in 2019

Having good SEO practices is key to making sure your website is visible so that traffic and conversion rates are increased. SEO shouldn’t be seen as something you have to do that’s an annoyance but something that could significantly improve your profits. Here’s how to avoid some common SEO mistakes in 2019.

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Over-using Keywords

If you’ve had to write copy for your website, then you will know just how important keywords are for improving SEO. Using effective keywords brings the right audience to a website, and optimising your use of keywords gets the attention of the search engines. However, overstuffing your content won’t help with SEO.

Keyword cramming means that the keyword is used over and over again in the copy. This sends a huge red flag to the search engines and the readers that your content is probably worthless. Trying to use keywords just to get people into your site means you don’t have anything of value for anyone. Instead of using keywords to improve SEO, over-use means you will have worthless website with no visitors and a bad Google ranking.

Buying Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for SEO, but it’s important that they are of a high quality. Purchasing dodgy links from sketchy websites won’t increase your traffic or page ranking. Google knows all. And they are very strict when it comes to links, so this means your site will end up suffering as a result of buying bad backlinks.

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Planning and Designing an Efficient Commercial Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important aspect of any commercial restaurant venture. Commercial kitchens need to be designed with effective work stations, high-quality equipment and health and safety issues in mind. These kitchens do not function like domestic kitchens, and there are many things to consider when designing and planning an efficient commercial kitchen.

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Some of the most important aspects to think about in the design are planning appropriate risk assessments, seeking the right approvals, the utilization of space and storage, selection of equipment, heating and ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The Right Equipment

Equipment must be appropriate for the kinds of foods you prepare. So think about ovens, fryers, hobs, fridges, freezers and dishwashers. The right equipment can make a huge difference to your kitchen, so consider the highest-quality commercial dishwashers, which will deal with industrial pots and pans.

There are various dishwashers for commercial use, so make sure you know exactly what your kitchen requires in terms of size and power.

Food Waste

How you dispose of waste in a commercial kitchen is a vital consideration. The government recently introduced an initiative to cut down on food waste from retailers and manufacturers, and the restaurant business has a duty to reduce food waste too.

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Time and temperature are essential considerations when storing food to ensure no items are wasted due to poor storage techniques. Also consider portion size and stock rotation to ensure the older items are used first. You should also have … Read More


What Day Is Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom and How Is It Celebrated in Other Countries?

Mothering Sunday, which is dedicated to all of the mums, is a day for honouring the bond that you and your mum share, and to show her how much you love her. It is also a great way to be thankful and show gratitude to all of the amazing women who are part of your life.

In the UK, the Mothering Sunday date changes every year. It will be falling on Sunday, March 11 in 2018. It will be observed on March 31 in 2019, on March 22 in 2020, and Mother’s Day in 2021 will be on Sunday March 14.

However, given that there is a lot more to the day than simply buying your mum expensive presents to express your love for her, the following is everything that you need to know about Mother’s Day history.

Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day?

The traditional name of Mothering Sunday refers to the fourth Sunday during Lent – which is three weeks prior to Easter. It is mainly celebrated by Christians in Europe and is a day for showing mums with presents such as a sterling silver cup.

Its modern name is Mother’s Day – and is the most common name used now for this special day, but it has the same premise.

Why is Mother’s Day celebrated?

During the 16th century, there was a practice of returning to your ‘mother church- ‘ which was the main church in a diocese or parish – to attend a service held on … Read More


The Top 10 Myths About Ageing and Diet

Over the last 200 years, the average life expectancy of people in the UK has doubled. Now, more than 16 percent of the population is over the age of 65. The proportion of people who are over the age of 85 has increased as well. Those extra years being added to our lifespan are nice to have if you can enjoy them as a healthy person, but not everyone that age is healthy, and this is having a detrimental impact on the overall quality of life.

As we get older, our bodies go through several physical changes which can impact our attitude towards food. These changes can sometimes make us find it harder to follow a healthy diet, and can make us feel less hungry, so we end up eating less. It is important to be proactive about nutrition as we get older, so that we can avoid cognitive decline, poor dental and oral health, and declining bone density as we get older. Here are a few of the most common myths about eating a healthy diet, and staying healthy as you get older.

Myth 1 – Malnutrition is a normal part of ageing

Malnutrition is something that can affect anyone, but older people are at greater risk. Don’t just ignore signs of malnutrition, they are not a normal part of ageing and you should treat it. If you use a care company,  they can help with supporting the elderly with all aspects of meal times which include … Read More