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3 Personal Finance Books Everyone Should Read

The average man wants to be rich. What’s the best way to go about it? Reading books by industry leaders and adopting their knowledge to your finances is the assured way of making wins and accumulating wealth. Here are three books on personal finance that will set you on a path to better money management whether tax planning, saving, investing and everything in between.

1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Graham’s strategy of profit maximization over loss minimization is the basis of this book. Written in 1949, this book talks about the philosophy of “value investing.” As an investor, you’ll learn to avoid pitfalls and how to develop long-term strategies. In the 2006 edition, Buffett wrote the preface and appendix to give an update on today’s market but still based on Graham’s timeless wisdom on matters finances. He has been termed the greatest investment advisor that the twentieth century has ever seen with an ability to teach and inspire people globally. Till today, it is the stock market bible. It is worth noting that the author was one of the first to attribute successful stock investments to financial analysis.

2. The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias

If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s, you should read this book to make smarter decisions. It is the type of book that you should keep with you and reread severally given there are aspects you’re unlikely to pick up when you first read it. The book teaches … Read More


How To Start Saving More Money

If you’re one of her millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, it can feel almost impossible to save money. This can be a huge problem for just about anyone, but especially families or people who live below the poverty line. When it comes to saving money, not only does it protect you in case of an emergency, but it can also help you feel better and make better decisions with your money, as well as helping you set up long term goals for you and your family’s future. It’s important to think of having a great savings account as a way to get out of a the cyclical nature of living paycheck to paycheck, and improve your life both now and in the future. If you’re someone who wants to start saving money as soon as possible, or start saving more money, keep reading for excellent tips and tricks on how to get your savings account at higher numbers.

The first thing you should think about if you want to start saving more money is your budget. The majority of Americans that are living paycheck to paycheck do not even have a budget, which can spell trouble for your future. If you’re someone who wants to beat the odds, it’s important to start thinking about budgeting, or tightening up your budget to fulfill the wishes of your savings account. There are many ways to start budgeting but the entire purpose of having a budget is so that you’re … Read More


Top Tips for Making The Most of Your Business Trip-1

When it comes to working in business, you love every aspect of the job — from writing up business plans to coming up with exciting new product ideas and gossiping with your colleagues over the water cooler (or over Slack, if you’re in a remote team). You love living a busy life, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with challenges. When it comes to going on business trips — which are an opportunity to make new connections and discover new places — there’s a lot of potential, but also a lot that can go wrong, like having nothing to wear to your meeting upon arrival because the airline lost your bag.

To make sure you don’t have any slip-ups and at your best for your business trip, you’ll want to follow these tips:

1. Be smart about packing

As mentioned above, you definitely want to avoid the nightmarish situation of having anything really important lost. So even if it’s a business trip lasting longer than a couple of days, make sure you pack anything you can’t risk losing or need in the first few days of your trip in a bag you take onboard. This means outfits for your first two days, your phone and laptop (especially the ones where important files are saved), chargers, medications, and any makeup or lotions you usually use should all go in the carry-on.

That way, even if the airline loses your bag (it’s common; airlines lost or temporarily mislaid 21.6 million bagsRead More


The Meaning of a Scam in the Trading Business

The Meaning of a Scam in the Trading Business

The meaning of the scam in forex trading business refers to the conditions under which the investor loses his money due to unusual causes other than trading.

For example, you deposit in one broker then normal trading as usual without the tricks ‘naughty’. When you have pocketed profit and withdraw, it turns on withdraw you in reject for no apparent reason. We think this can be included in the scam category.

In addition, the condition of forex scam can also be experienced if the broker where we trade and deposit funds suddenly close without any notice. Your funds at broker that also lost because of this.

The above example is a scam in the trading business conducted by the broker. Well, in addition to forex brokers there is also a scam done by traders or other parties.

Examples like the following:

Investment Scam With Fix Profit Promise

Ever get an offer of investing in forex with the promise of profit a few tens of percent per day / week / month? Usually, an offer like this leads to a scam, loss of capital. Especially if done by the institution / online company.

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Examples such as subsidiaries, and the like.

Trading System Scam / Robot Trading

There are also many individuals who sell trading systems, indicators, and EA / robot trading with a promise of profit. In reality, it is often far off the mark. This can be said to be … Read More


Moving to New York

The real estate industry in New York City is booming, and a large part of the boom has to be with the wide range of possibilities that exist when it comes to condos and new apartment developments.

Upswing in Development of Historical District

There have been a lot of opportunities for New York real estate developers to grow the real estate industry. Much of this comes from the huge amount of possibilities that are available when it comes to the historic districts with abandoned buildings. Instead of letting these old buildings go to waste real estate developers are finding that these properties can be renovated and turned into lucrative properties that bring forth New York apartment hunters that are looking for a place to stay.

The great thing about many of these historic districts is that there are so many opportunities for developers to establish buildings that are close to shops and parks. Many of these historic districts that have abandoned buildings are already sitting on prime real estate that just has not been developed yet. This makes it a grand opportunity for any developer that wants to do an overhaul and restructure the property so that people can live there.

Real Estate Industry Growth

This growth is something that actually sparks a lot of attention, and developers actually become more inclined to invest in more real estate. It definitely is a high-profile real estate industry because there are multimillion-dollar properties in New York Tevfik Arif. People that are … Read More