Is there anything better than going to the mountains and enjoying some time by yourself in a wooden cabin where nothing more than the sound of the fireplace can be heard? See more about wooden cabins here. It’s a scenery of which everyone living in the big city dreams of.

Getting one of these log cabins has never been easier. You now have home kits that are both highly affordable, and you can make them yourself. This is a perfect idea for everyone that wants a weekend getaway from their standard way of life.

Of course, lots of people decide to make this their everyday way of life or spend a couple of months there. In times like these, when Covid-19 is everywhere around us, many people were left to work remotely. Having a good internet connection means you can work anywhere.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips to show you how to find and pick the best log cabin for your needs. What do you need to mind, and what are the crucial issues to address before investing in something like this. Follow up and see for yourself, but before that, check some ideas here:

1. Choose the style

There are tons of different types and styles when it comes to building your log cabin. Everything can be created the way you want it to be.

Every person has their idea of what the best for them is. Sometimes it is a cabin with a big roof that will be perfect for the snowy season, and others prefer one that will have a wonderful-looking deck and a place to spend their days connected with nature.

Some love a fireplace and others prefer to have a BBQ spot and a pool. It all depends on what you love. Think about this, and choose the type of cabin based on your wishes and needs. There’s everything for everyone, and you just need to be sure of what you want.

2. Find the perfect materials

Some types of wood are better than others, and some provide more quality than others. This is something you must be aware of before buying anything. Check out if you want to learn about the different types.

3. Think about constructing it yourself or hiring the pros

These kits come similarly to what you buy in Ikea. You need to assemble the parts to get a fully functional house. The good thing is, that they are made so simple, that anyone can do it. You have tons of videos on the internet showing you how to do it, so you won’t have a problem.

If you feel like this kind of task is going to be overwhelming for you, then you should hire the pros. Call a team of people to come and take care of it. These kits can be constructed for a couple of days if the pros are doing it. It’s your choice to choose whether you’ll do it yourself, or you’ll call someone else.

4. Mind the weather occasions

When you’re choosing the type and the place to build it, you need to think about the weather conditions the log is going to be. If you’re creating it up in the mountains where most of the time it will be covered in snow, you need to get an appropriate one. Forget about the pool, you won’t be able to use it up there.

5. Make sure you have water and electricity in the place

Another crucial issue to consider before getting anything is whether the place you’re about to build has an electricity and water connection. Of course, you can still stay in a place without them, but you’re not going to feel comfortable.

Instead, think about this problem before getting to the cabin. Work on the problem and acquire these resources before starting to build anything.


These five points are enough for you to create the perfect log cabin out of the city. If you choose wisely, be sure that you’ll create something beautiful and you’ll feel amazing during the weekends, or you might even move in there for most of the year. See more about this here.

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