The Meaning of a Scam in the Trading Business

The meaning of the scam in forex trading business refers to the conditions under which the investor loses his money due to unusual causes other than trading.

For example, you deposit in one broker then normal trading as usual without the tricks ‘naughty’. When you have pocketed profit and withdraw, it turns on withdraw you in reject for no apparent reason. We think this can be included in the scam category.

In addition, the condition of forex scam can also be experienced if the broker where we trade and deposit funds suddenly close without any notice. Your funds at broker that also lost because of this.

The above example is a scam in the trading business conducted by the broker. Well, in addition to forex brokers there is also a scam done by traders or other parties.

Examples like the following:

Investment Scam With Fix Profit Promise

Ever get an offer of investing in forex with the promise of profit a few tens of percent per day / week / month? Usually, an offer like this leads to a scam, loss of capital. Especially if done by the institution / online company.

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Examples such as subsidiaries, and the like.

Trading System Scam / Robot Trading

There are also many individuals who sell trading systems, indicators, and EA / robot trading with a promise of profit. In reality, it is often far off the mark. This can be said to be included in the scam category as well. Not infrequently, things are sold is a indicator / trading system that is free but slightly modified only.

Scam Manage Trading Account

The pattern is almost similar to investment. the average is the same promising fix profit. Usually in this type, money is deposited to individual traders who open services directly. Scam that happens usually is, the trader disappeared and bring the funds of investors who have been deposited.

Hopefully we can avoid and not be victim of forex scam yes.

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