Setting up a movie club is new to a lot of people, most especially people who are only into book clubbing, they do not know that with a movie club, there is little to what they will engage themselves unlike their usual ways of clubbing. Movie clubs make members movie fanatics as they try to compare one film they have watched with the other. If you would like to set up one, we will educate you on what you stand to do, gain, or experience in the process to avoid confusion. We want to teach you what those that have been running theirs for the past ten years faced and how they became successful doing it.

Number of participants

For a movie club to function effectively, you need not less than six members. These members will always be available so that they can shift duties to themselves, i.e., if three of them are at work, the other three will be available to attend to movie watchers. However, if you think you will need more hands to work for you, then you can employ more people, most notably because of future expansion.


There is a need to make food available for movie watchers so that they can have something to make their moments exciting. You have no other option than to make sure this system continues until when you realize that people are more addicted to the movie club before you reduce your expenses to snacks only. But this will not take you less than a period of six years before you can change their taste to meals; at this stage, they have no option than to continue with you after all they have enjoyed well in the past. However, the movie you will be showing most of the time will determine the kind of food you will serve the audience (members). If you are showing an Indian movie, you should give an Indian recipe so that it can go in line with the movie they are watching. In fact, in some cases, you can pair film watchers together and serve them food based on the kind of video they are watching while another group will be concentrating on another type of movie with different food.

Which movies

Most of the time, the host will always be the one to select a movie for those that are ready to watch. It does not matter if the host has ever watched the film before or not. What matters is that there is going to be a movie watched by people daily. Although there are times that one of the movie watches will be the one to choose his choice of a film so that there can be even distribution of friendship.

Setting up a movie club does not mean you have to get the whole equipment in this world together to entertain people. It does not mean you want to set up a business. It only requires that you bring people of like minds together, watch a movie together, and have fun in the process. It is more of a voluntary organization.

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